SPARK Laboratory

SPARK Lab Alumni


Evan S. Jones, “Building Energy Modeling and Studies of Electric Power Distribution Systems with Distributed Energy Resources”, (2023) pdf

Murat G. Kesgin, “Optimal Design of Special High Torque Density Electric Machines based on Electromagnetic FEA”, (2023) pdf

Abdullah Al Hadi, Postdoc, Example Papers, (2021 – 2022) pdf1 pdf2

Huangjie Gong, “Models and Optimal Controls for Smart Homes and their Integration into the Electric Power Grid”, (2022) pdf

Gerald W. Bankes II, “Transmission-Level Impact Analysis of Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaic Systems and Battery Energy Storage Grid Support” (2021) pdf

Peng Han, Postdoc, Example Papers (2019 – 2021) pdf1 pdf2

Yibin Zhang, “Special Power Electronics Converters and Machine Drives with Wide Band-Gap Devices”, (2021) pdf

Damien Lawhorn, “Electric Power Systems and Components for Electric Aircraft”, (2021) pdf

Oluwaseun M. Akeyo, “Integration of Large PV Power Plants and Batteries in the Electric Power System”, (2020) pdf

Narges Taran, “Optimum Design of Axial Flux PM Machines based on Electromagnetic 3D FEA”, (2019) pdf

Vandana Rallabandi, Postdoc, Example Papers, (2016 – 2018) pdf1 pdf2 pdf3

Nasser Alawhali, “Contributions to Hybrid Power Systems Incorporating Renewables for Desalination Systems”, (2018) pdf

Oluwaseun M. Akeyo, “Analysis and Simulation of Photovoltaic Systems Incorporating Battery Energy Storage”, (2017) pdf